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A special aviation tyre

NASA, which released a video from Mars. The video was sent back to earth by Mars probe perseverance.

Five days ago, it ended its six month flight and successfully landed on the surface of Mars. It is understood that, like ordinary cars, the perseverance detector also uses tires to drive. The tyre equipped with it will not burst or leak, and it is a special aviation tyre.

For more than a decade, NASA Glenn Research Center has been working on the development of this tire. Heather olavik, the project leader, said the structure of the “Rover” tires is very strange. Its surface is a compressed spring net made of shape memory alloy. It is soft in texture and can be attached tightly by deformation when encountering obstacles. Such a design can deal with the problem of many rocks, sand and rough soil on the surface of Mars. The tire also has the characteristics of light weight, high traction and strong durability“ Perseverance is the spring tire that collects samples of Mars and brings it back to earth.

It is reported that currently, the Mars probe has six wheels. According to orlavik, the new detector will be improved to four wheels. This puts forward higher requirements for the traction and bearing capacity of the tire“ But it will take years to come true, and we can’t wait, “said oravick.